Diverse Dragons Collection SE - Skyrim Mods

Today we check out a great mod for Skyrim, available for the special edition version of Skyrim, Diverse Dragons Collection SE.

This Skyrim mod aims to add into Skyrim very distinct, new dragon types that seemlessly blend into the game with out replacing the standard dragons found in Skyrim.

Diverse Dragons Collection SE uses resources from 11 different mod authors to deliver some very high quality dragons with assets not found or repurposed from original Skryim. Over 20 dragons.. over 20 different new dragon attacks.. increases the variation on dragons by more than double the default 14 dragons. Even more-so since the default dragons are really only 7 or 8 with a version that shoots fire and another one that shoots ice.

Great mod. Cannot recommend enough.

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Diverse Dragons Collection SE

Author: opusGlass

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  • Butter My Pancakes

    no regrets downloading this mod

  • Dalemane

    yo Fevir nice vid. any 3.0 Archeage plans btw? :P

  • Kevin Murphy

    I explored Skyrim looking for these new dragons after installing the mod for the Xbox One. I haven't encountered one yet. Is it due to load order? ugh.

  • a Demon from Hell

    Is this for console too? Because I want these types of mods on console

  • SharpTony

    Damn some of those dragons look gorgeous.

  • SirthOsiris

    3:12 RATHALOS. That is an excellent shot just to get the wing patterns.

  • Kyle Ohlson

    Man first time I saw one of these new dragons in my Xbox playthrough I flipped a shit he was some needle spike dragon that spit this green acid and aw man it was epic AF

  • larrisAWSOME

    I've been trying to compile a entirely new load order for original skyrim, do you have any recommendations for texture mods that don't radically change the look of things?(i.e. noble skyrim changing cobble stone floors to something unimmersively modern.)

  • The Real CHIM Shady

    Diversity for dragons? Has social justice gone too far?

  • Darth Reaper

    Does diverse dragons go at the top of the load order because for some reason i havent run into a single dragon since dragon rising and my werewolf is at level 6

  • geebergeistify

    enjoyed the vid! keep it up!:)

  • Skott62

    As soon as SkyUi gets put into Skyrim SE I'll install SE. I'll keep this mod on my list of must have. Thanks for info Fevir.

  • Andres Ospina

    Fucking necromantic dragons always kill me :(

  • Bablo

    how to fix the dragon soul bug? the bug is that i can't get any souls from the original dragons. if anyone knows please tell me.

  • Kastal Speziali

    You are a total idiot you copied me I used to have that mob is good love

  • Jake117

    So can I use the controllable dragon mod with these to fly them

  • Trevor Sharp

    I like your voice. Subbed.

  • Daniel

    dragons are underrepresented in the workplace and in cyrodil #Istandagainstdragonism

  • Douglas Edwards

    Your link doesn't link to the SE version, but the regular skyrim version within nexusmods. Just a heads up in case you want to fix that.

  • Owlcoholic

    You should leave your current load order/mod list for Skyrim SE here! You are incredibly similar to me in tastes and i'd love to have a look.

  • Cliff Scrivner

    What size textures do these new dragons have?

  • Tucher97

    I feel this mod adds more difficulty but in a good way, plus some of hte names such as hte needle hide dragon, it has earned that name and by god, where is my spear and ballista

  • Lol Moleop

    I have this mod but i cant really find them while exploring. And i also dont have that configure menu from the video. I can only spawn them.

  • TrancoTechnizer

    Is the fat dragon in this mod ? I find it to be hilarious. Elemental Dragons has that dragon model. I see it has the feathered one and the thanatos one.Also, Chaos Dragons mod has some unique models as well.

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